GetaCore® Solid Surface

GetaCore® Solid Surface

GetaCore is a non-porous, top quality, highly moisture resistant surface.

Warm to the touch, with uniformity in texture and colouring rarely found, GetaCore batch free production creates constant decors and structures, with a guaranteed colour match for a minimum of 2 years.

GetaCore solid surface is an exceptionally stable, tempered product with minimal expansion and contraction, in a large sheet size of 4100mm x 1250mm. Available in 3mm & 10mm across an extensive colour range.

GetaCore sheets can be easily thermoformed and joint-free appearances can be created for hygienic, seamlessly integrated surfaces.

Features such as grooves can be routed in the solid surface; draining areas and sink cut-outs can be made precisely in-line with your specifications.

Durable and easy to maintain, GetaCore Solid Surface can be processed with standard woodworking machinery.




Retail – Shop interiors, cabinets and display units, fit-outs, wall cladding, counter tops, shelves.

Office – Tabletops, workstations, bathroom vanity areas

Leisure – Reception areas, check-in desks, shower cladding

Hospitality –Lift and foyers, tables, reception desks, food preparation, bar surfaces, splash backs.


10mm & 22mm

Suitable for horizontal indoor surfaces such as:

• Kitchen worktops

• Worktops in clinics, doctors' surgeries, schools

• Basin cabinets, washstands in bathrooms

• Counters in shops, public buildings, hotels or catering premises

• The 10mm sheets are suitable for window sills.

Suitable for vertical indoor surfaces such as:

• Partitions for changing rooms and solariums

• Furniture panels in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.


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Westag & Getalit Specification

Click on a colour for product information

GC 1001

Vienna Black


Manhattan Grey


Frosted Carat


Soho Grey

GC 2002

Cream White

GC 2004

Ivory White

GC 2007


GC 2008

Davos White

GC 2011

Titan White

GC 3005

Desert Sand

GC 3007

Rome sand

GC 3008

Cream cashmere

GC 4004

Asphalt Grey

GC 5008

Glass Green

GC 6004

Pastel Violet

GC 1112

Frosted Space

GC 1122

Frosted Dark

GC 2232

Frosted Light

GC 2245

Frosted Star

GC 2269

Frosted Cloud

GC 3737

Frosted Sahara

GC 4143

Frosted Dust

GC 4422

Frosted Flint

GC 4712

Frosted Grey

GC 4732

Frosted Melange

GC 6172

Frosted Wine

GC 7193

Frosted Pepper

GC 7312

Frosted Sand

GC 9923

Frosted Vanilla

GC 1062

Miracle Black

GC 1472

Miracle Stone

GC 2258

Miracle Rock

GC 2371

Miracle White

GC 2388

Miracle Beach

GC 2423

Miracle Sand

GC 3322

Miracle Shell

GC 3328

Miracle Coast

GC 3391

Miracle Dune

GC 3434

Miracle Vanilla

GC 4439

Miracle Granite

GC 4715

Miracle Flint

GC 5242

Miracle Cliff

GC 5665

Miracle Camoflague

GC 6421

Miracle Coral

GC 6886

Miracle Berry

GC 7227

Miracle Coffee

GC 7557

Miracle Cognac

GC 7940

Miracle Caramel

GC 8558

Miracle Lagoon

GCS 176

Star Mars

GCS 189

Star Anthracite

GCS 356

Star Champagne

GCS 415

Star Metallic

GCS 746

Star Venus

GCT 236

Terrazzo Crystal

GCT 244

Terrazzo Pebble

GCR 783

Raindrops Coffee


Raindrops Anthracite

GCV 142

Marmo Meduna

GCV 223

Marmot Padola

GCV 239

Marmo Piave

GCV 374

Marmot Brenta


Marmo Livenza

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3mm GetaCore Solid Surface

3mm solid surface, often referred to as a ‘veneer’, provides the same seamless appearance and surface performance of GetaCore 10mm and 22mm sheets, but at a very cost effective price.

It is a hard wearing and renewable surface which can be bonded to wood substrates - ideal for many commercial applications where a joint free appearance and hygiene is important.

10mm and 22mm GetaCore Solid Surface

Self-supporting 10mm and 22mm GetaCore sheet materials are ideal for both commercial and residential applications, where high quality, durable surfaces with ease of maintenance is a must.

GetaCore solid surfaces are easily thermoformed to offer an unparalleled design freedom.

GetaCore Solid Surface Properties

• Batch free production.

• Joint-free appearance

• Non-porous

• Highly moisture resistant

• Uniform texture and colouring

• Food safe according to recommendations EN1186 and EN 13 130

• Heat resistant up to 180° C in accordance with ISO 19712

• Resistant to common household chemicals in accordance with ISO 19712

• Hygienic and easy to clean

• Lightfast wool standard level 6 according to ISO 4892, ISO 105-B02, and ISO 105-A02

• Outstanding material properties provide a warm feel

• Can be repaired and touch-sanded

• Resistant to food stains

• Very resistant to impact

• Processed with standard woodworking machinery

Other Products

Accessories designed specifically for GetaCore sheet materials.

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